Wat Pa Buddharangsee

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Wat Pa Buddharangsee
Tradition/Linage Thai
Main School Theravada
Sub School Thai
Founded 1972
Founder(s) Mr. Prasong Buncherm
Teacher(s) Venerable Phra Rajsilaporn
Director(s) Supreme Patriarch Phra Somdet Sangharaja Nanasamvara
Contact Infotmation
Address 39 Junction Road
New South Wales 2560
Country Australia
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Phone (02) 4625 7930
Mobile (02) 4628 0541
Website http://mahamakut.org.au/
Email watpa.buddharangsee@gmail.com


Mahamakut Foundation started its activities in N.S.W. in 1972 following requests from the Buddhist Community here to establish a place for worship and to have Buddhist monks conduct the religious practice. At that time, the Thai Ambassador to Australia H.E. Mr. Prasong Buncherm initiated the project and a request was made to Phra Somdet Nanasamvara of Mahamakut Found-ation in Bangkok. In response, two monks (Phra Parityatikavi and Phra Khantipalo) and an attendant arrived in Sydney in March 1973 and rented accommodation was obtained at Roseberry for the monks.

With overwhelming support from the Buddhist Community coming from Ethnic background such as Australian, Burmese, Sri Lankan, Thai, Malaysian and Singaporean; a request was made to purchase a property for a more permanent establishment. In response to the request of the Australian Buddhists, generous Thai supporters of Mahamakut in Bangkok donated money to purchase a property. By January 1975 HRM King Rama the Ninth Bhumibol Adjulyadej gave the name of the monastery as 'Wat Buddharangsee' which is to be 88-90 Stanmore Road, Stanmore. In May 1975, HRH Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn who was then at Duntroon Military Academy officially opened the monastery for the community.

With the arrival of the refugees from Indo-China in the early 1980's, the Buddhist community increased from Ethnic background such as Laotian, Cambodian and Viet-Nam. It became obvious that a larger monastery will be required in the western suburbs to satisfy the needs of the Buddhist community. In 1985 Mahamakut purchased 5 acres of land at Lot 112 Junction Rd., Leumeah. With further generous donations from the Thai supporters in Bangkok, and donations collected locally in Australia, a new monastery was constructed. The official opening was held on the 29th May 1988 with the attendance of many foreign dignitaries, both federal and state members, mayor and aldermen and officials of government departments.

At the opening ceremony, the Mayor of Campbelltown and other dignitaries laid the foundation stones for the Pagoda Cetiya.

By the early 1990s it became apparent that the size and facilities at Wat Buddharangsee Stanmore was inadequate for the large number of people attending the religious ceremonies. Parking was also a major problem.

Consequently, another property was purchased at Annandale consisting of a house which could provide accommodation for resident monks and two large warehouses at the rear of the property suitable for conversion to a Sala, the ceremonial hall, and adjoining kitchen, dining and meeting area.

The official opening of Wat Buddharangsee Annandale was in January 1998 and was attended by the Committee of Sangha Council from Thailand, the Thai Royal Ambassador and Thai Royal Consulate General.