The Mindful Moment Meditation

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The Mindful Moment Meditation

The Mindful Moment Meditation

Tradition/Linage Thai Forest Tradition
Main School Theravada
Sub School Thai
Founder(s) Dean Crabb
Contact Infotmation
Address 15 Stuart Street
New South Wales 2508
Country Australia
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Phone 04 033 970 00


On the internet there are many, many websites that talk about Buddhism and the teachings of the Buddha. These topics are covered in volumes. My intention is to focus on Buddhist meditation practice itself, travelling the path, how to do it well, and the challenges we experience along the way towards an enlightened mind.

In life we each have our gifts, and over that time I have not only learnt to be truly at peace and happy, I've found that meditation is one of my greatest gifts. While I've mostly kept my insights and experiences to myself, until now, I have learnt how to express with simplicity the often dizzy heights of idealistic spirituality as a practical living reality in a modern busy world. I take a practical and explorative approach to the topics discussed in Buddhist mindfulness, meditation and spiritual circles and elaborate on how to apply them to your actual experience of living and perceiving the world.

About Me

Dean Crabb is also known as 'Jagaro', the Buddhist name meaning 'one who is awake and mindful'. Dean has been a long time student of John Barter who practised under Ajahn Chah in the Buddhist Theravada Forest Tradition. Dean has 14 years of experience in Buddhist meditation and currently teaches in Helensburgh, Stanwell Park and North Sydney. He takes a practical and explorative approach while showing how to apply mindfulness to our life for a greater sense of happiness and peace.

As a manager, husband and father, he uses his life experiences to keep his teachings focused on the practical applications of mindfulness meditation in today's busy world, while also encouraging his students to explore their own spiritual enlightenment. He is the author of the popular meditation blog "The Mindful Moment" and also the Founder of the worldwide movement called "The Moment of Peace".

After more than 14 years of Buddhist meditation practice I've transformed my life. This website is my way of sharing the insights and wisdom gleaned from the meditations and self discovery.

While I initially started out doing Zen Buddhist meditation for a few years I later became affiliated with the Thai Forest Tradition of Theravada Buddhism and feel a strong connection to their way of practice and lineage.

To me any Buddhism is good and I read and would happily participate in anything from any Buddhist tradition. I also read and am open to many other spiritual traditions and their teachings