Sunnatarama Forest Monastery

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Sunnatarama Forest Monastery

Sunnataram Monastery

Tradition/Linage Thai Forest Tradition
Main School Theravada
Sub School Thai
Founded 1989
Founder(s) Phra Ajahn Yantra
Teacher(s) Lama Ken
Abbot(s) Venerable Phra Mana Viriyarampo
Contact Infotmation
Address 225 Teudts Road
New South Wales 2578
Country Australia
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Phone 02 4884 4262
Fax 612 4884 4496


WELCOME to the peaceful and friendly atmosphere of a Thai forest Buddhist monastery in the Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia. This is a place where you can learn and apply Buddhist teachings to add inner peace in your daily life.

We offer many Dhamma programs and activities for all levels of interest, from serious meditators to students or just curious visitors.

Monks and volunteers have created teaching tools to simplify the complicated Buddhist teachings into modern day language. Plants in the monastery gardens are carefully chosen to link with Buddhist history and add more peaceful and pleasant feelings to both meditators and visitors.

We constantly carry out in depth research of Buddhist history, by visiting many archaeological sites and museums, and by meeting with experts in many universities around the world. The knowledge that we have acquired from this research helps us to extract the spiritual values of Buddhist teachings from the veil of cultural practises.

Our monthly meditation retreats are highly attended by people from all over Australia. We combine the beautiful rural location, archaeological history of Buddhism, ancient artefacts, stone carvings, visual arts, Buddhist chanting, and yummy Thai vegetarian food, with many outdoor activities i.e. Tai Chi Qi Gong, walking & sitting meditation in the gardens. Many people attend up to 6 retreats per year.

Monks from Sunnataram Forest Monastery have been regularly invited to talk on various topics of Buddhism and teach meditation in many universities, local and Sydney schools, and other countries. The monastery is a favourite place for local school excursions.

Sunday is a very suitable time when individuals, couples or the entire family can enjoy the beautiful view and art work around the monastery. Visitors are welcome to participate in our programs without changing their religion!! Parents and young children can experience offering vegetarian food to monks, listening to Buddhist blessings, short sitting meditation, Dhamma talk, and can feel free to ask questions to the monks. Every Sunday 11am-2pm.

Brief History

The monastery was established in 1989 by Phra Ajahn Yantra and his disciples. The property was donated by a devotee Elizabeth Gorski for the purpose of establishing a Thai Forest Monastery in Australia. Founding members included the late Colin McPhedran and many devotees in Australia and Thailand.

Sunnataram Forest Monastery was incorporated as a Buddhist educational institution in November 1990 and was granted status as a place of worship in March 1992. Venerable Phra Mana Viriyarampo was appointed abbot and is supported by a small multicultural committee.