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Adeikhtan Buddhist Missionary Company  +
Adelaide Shambhala Meditation Group  +,  +
Adelaide Shin Buddhist Dojo  +
Adelaide Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara  +
Adelaide Zen Group  +
Aloka Meditation Centre  +
Amitabha Buddhist Association of NSW  +,  +
Amitabha Buddhist Association of Queensland  +
Amitabha Buddhist Association of Western Australia  +
Amitabha Buddhist Retreat Centre  +
Amitabha Foundation Australia  +
Amitayus Buddhist Centre  +
An Lac Hanh Temple  +
Ananda Buddhist Centre  +
Armidale Community Buddhist Centre  +,  +
Armidale Meditation Group  +,  +
Arya Tara Serling Gold Coast Buddhist Centre  +
Ashtree Sangha  +
Asoka Zen Centre  +,  +
Atisha Centre  +
Australia Buddhist Bliss Culture Mission  +
Australia Tibet Council  +
Australian Buddhist Vihara  +
Australian Institute of Buddhist Learning and Practice  +,  +
Australian Institute of Tibetan Healing Practices  +
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