Origins Centre - Study and Retreat Centre

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Origins Centre - Study and Retreat Centre
Main School Vajrayana
Sub School Tibetan, Karma Kagyu
Contact person(s) Tobias Newman (centre manager)
Spiritual Director Karma Chime Shore
Contact Infotmation
Address 153-157 Jayes Road
Western Australia 6253
Country Australia
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Phone (08) 9764 1109, (08) 9764 1275
Postal Address PO Box 161, Balingup, WA 6253

The Centre is quiet, beautiful and inspiring. Many different groups and individuals seek to contribute to the common good, and all are welcome here. Activists come to recover and renew; many people come for mindfulness training. Artists come here to write, rehearse, paint or simply soak up the atmosphere. Students come to study away from distraction.

Regularly we welcome travellers, and many nationalities have enriched the Centre with their contributions. As we are situated right on the Bibbulmun track, lots of walkers stop here to rest.

In 1983, the property was generously donated to Origins Centre, a WA group interested in Buddhist ideas and practices. Although retreats and Buddhist study groups have always been held here, the Origins Centre has now evolved into a universal, inclusive and practical place open to the community. Through the years the Centre has welcomed many groups exploring a variety of subjects including environmental activism, art workshops, bush regeneration, mental health, care, youth and children's education and play. To learn more about our facilities, please follow the link below.


We teach and support regular Mindfulness practice for the protection, maintenance and development of mental health.

Origins respects mental health and the effort it can take to maintain and protect it. We are a non-clinical service and long-standing supporters of mental health. One of our main purposes is to provide a friendly, safe, restful environment where people can enjoy good company and renew themselves.

We do mindfulness exercises from 9-9:30a.m., Monday- Thursday.

These understandable exercises are meditative. They are called 'The setting up of mindfulness'. Considering the meaning, one could say that all we do is for the encouragement and protection of mindfulness! There's a retreat in May and again in September. Check out the Updates.


Activities at The Centre include: yoga, meditation, workshops on wellbeing, respite for carers, bush walking, support for activists and environmentalists, personal study or retreat, art, music or concerts and, increasingly, Landcare. There is a pot luck lunch with the community every Wednesday, from 10-2pm.

Maintaining and developing the natural environment is a continuous project here known as Landcare.

We are learning to a great extent about bush regeneration. It is a real interest to those involved and requires real labour! The diversity and accessibility of our parkland is always improving.

Since our founding, children have been very much a part of our cultural fabric. Many kids and parents have taken a break at the Centre.

Community Kindy for families with young kids runs every other Wednesday, from 10 -2 and includes a potluck lunch. (For the older kids, we have the highest swing in the region!)

Operations and Governance

The Origins Centre is governed and run by a voluntary local management group with the indispensable help of many friends. We are dedicated, like so many others, to furthering the common good. The costs and needs of the Centre have always been met by freely given support (dana), whether as labour, in-kind, financial donations or fundraisers. We have also received the occasional grant to help fund a major project like the building of an office or the guest cottage.

Accommodation, amenities and all facilities at the Origins Centre are available on a donation basis. Please note that donations are not individually monitored and envelopes supplied give each donor the privacy they may require.

Contact Directory & Location

Origins Centre

Phone: 08 9764 1109
Address: 153-157 Jayes Road, Balingup
Postal: PO Box 161, Balingup,
6253, Western Australia

Coorain - Universal Dharma Centre

Phone: 08 9764 1275
Address: 153-157 Jayes Road, Balingup
Postal: PO Box 161, Balingup,
6253, Western Australia



153-157 Jayes Road, Balingup.

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The Origins Centre is located approximately 3 hours drive southwest of Perth. From Bunbury, turn down the South Western Highway in the direction of Donnybrook. Cross over the little bridge into Balingup and turn left on Jayes Rd (opposite the General Store). After 1.1 km. there is a sign for the Origins Centre on the left. Follow the sign to the parking lot.


We are a respite/retreat/activity centre governed by Origins Centre in Western Australia, a charitable not-for-profit NGO founded in 1983.

Situated on 10 acres the Centre is surrounded by beautiful gardens, trees and native bush and is on the Bibbulmun Track and Balingup Brook.

We welcome all for respite, retreat and personal or group activity: yoga groups, health groups, meditation, carers/caring organisations, bush walkers, activists, environmental or school/youth groups, art groups and individuals - all have used Origins. There is a resident Manager and Caretaker.

Tig-le House at 266 Oxford Street, Leederville in Perth, Western Australia, is a community based house offering a regular Wednesday program of art, gardening, meetings, body work, lunch and a 5.30pm mindfulness practice.

Tig-le opened in 2000 to support open exploration as well as Dharma Teachings in Perth. It has monthly gatherings and study groups with a guest teacher or facilitator.

For more information or to be put on our email list for upcoming events contact:

Anne Clark
Tig-le House,
266 Oxford Street
Leederville 6007
Western Australia

phone (08) 9443 9639