Medicine Buddha Tantrayana Meditation Centre

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Medicine Buddha Tantrayana Meditation Centre

Medicine Buddha Tantrayana Meditation Centre

Tradition/Linage Tibetan, Gelug
Main School Vajrayana
Teacher(s) Venerable Lobsang Tendar
Contact Infotmation
Address 132 Kars Street
Frankston South
Victoria 3199
Country Australia
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Phone (03) 8774 1628

Medicine Buddha Tantrayana Meditation Centre

File:Venerable Lobsang Tendar.jpg
Venerable Lobsang Tendar

Tendar was born in the Kham district, Eastern Tibet. He became a monk at the age of twelve at Dego Somdupling Monastery in the Mahayana tradition. In Lhasa Tendar studied at Gyuto Ramoche Monastery for seven years, learning the ancient art of Tibetan tantric chanting, prayer and meditation. Tendar later attended the Tenzin Gang Gyuto monastery and studied at the Gyuto Tantric University for a further 14 years. Here he qualified as a teacher of sacred Buddhist art.

In 2000 Tendar commenced traveling to various European countries as Chant Master with the Gyuto monks. Tendar came to Australia for the first time in 2001, traveling extensively with the Gyuto monks, chanting, making sand mandalas, butter sculptures and teaching deep meditation. Returning to Australia in 2003, Tendar now resides in Melbourne, teaching meditation, Tibetan language, sacred art and chant. Tendar became an Australian citizen in June 2005. Tendar travels across Australia to teach meditation at various centres and retreats, performing blessings, sacred rituals and Buddhist ceremonies and also participating in community cultural programs.


Wedding Blessings

Lama Tendar is available to perform wedding blessings. The ceremony is very heart-felt, that focuses on the couple and helps them connect to the deeper meaning of what sharing their lives together means. Lama tendar cannot legally marry couples as he is not a wedding celebrant. This is purely a spiritual blessing.

"Powa" Ceremony

On request, Lama Tendar can offer a ceremony called "Powa". This is the transference of consciousness. This practice is performed on behalf of those who have recently died, usually within forty nine days of their passing. After a person dies and before they take their next rebirth, there is an opportunity to guide the person to a good rebirth, through the power of compassion, intention and prayer.

Bardo Prayers

Also on request, Lama tendar, who is qualified, can perform the forty nine days Bardo prayers for the deceased, who are now in the intermediate state between death and rebirth. These prayers are said daily each morning by Lama Tendar for forty nine days from the passing of a person. The Bardo prayers protect the deceased from fear whilst they are in the Bardo (the intermediate state).


In western culture, teaching and healing are often seen as two distinct applications of knowledge, whereas in Buddhist practice such distinctions dissolve. The mind is itself the source of much sorrow and illness which can be healed when we learn to apply the Buddha's compassion to others and to ourselves. Tendar has helped many people. Tendar sees helping and healing the community as a substantial part of his teaching. He will help anyone who asks! Rather than attempt to further describe what Tendar does, below are some words of thanks from people who have benefited from Tendar's assistance.

Vajrasattva Oral Transmission

File:Vajrasattva Oral Transmission.jpg
Vajrasattva Oral Transmission

Vajrasattva the Buddha of ultimate purificatation, is the embodiment of wisdom, clarity and purity. Vajrasattva practise is powerful for eliminating impurities accumulated from past negative acts. Just as a mirror needs to be cleaned to allow for pure reflection our obscurations must be eliminated to realise our true nature, which is stainless and pure. Lama Tendar will give the oral transmission of Vajrasattva, this transmission is required by all who are interested in the Medicine Buddha Tantric Healing Course that will run next year with Lama Tendar, there is also a commitment to do a small pracitise each day before the course start. As Vajrasattva is for purification of all our past deeds and negativities, this practise is preparation for the healing course Everyone is welcome to attend the oral transmission as a blessing and if you would like to do the mantra daily you will benefit from this, but you do not have to commit to it.


Medicine Buddha Tantrayana Meditation Centre