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There are more than 500 000 Buddhists in Australia, who are members of numerous different Buddhist traditions, monasteries, temples and other organizations. They all have their profound history of their Buddhist journey to and in Australia. Buddhism has enriched Australian culture and society enormously by different cultural and religious customs, rituals, symbols, festivals and traditions; We encourage all Buddhists to collect and preserve all historical facts, documents, photos and art.

This aim of the Australian Buddhist History project is to collect all stories, facts, pictures, videos and related materials from different organizations and individuals from Australia wide. We collect, preserve and post the materials to our online website. The project gives every Australian Buddhist organization and community the opportunity to speak and write on their behalf about where they are from, how they came to Australia, what their activities and contributions are.

21th century, the so called Asian century has a key importance for Australians and this project will map the Buddhist relationships between Australia and Asia and how Buddhism has harmoniously blended to Australian society and everyday life.

Call for Australian Buddhists

All Australian Buddhist organizations are invited to collect and preserve historic materials about any Buddhist organization, community or activity, including photos, , biographies, videos and articles published in the media.

We urge people to collect materials from the elder generation of Australian Buddhists or for them to contribute themselves about their memories, stories, events and historical moments, which they have witnessed or heard of.

The contributed materials will be used on this website, with the opportunity for the individuals and organizations subject to specific articles to recommend any changes they think are necessary. The capacity of written materials and photos is unlimited, the capacity of films and videos are subjects to conditions.

We recommend each Buddhist organization to choose a representative, who will collect all materials and co-ordinate all necessary activates on behalf of the organization.

Please contact us if you have any precious materials to contribute or if you have any ideas, recommendations or questions.

January 4, 2012

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