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Karmapa Australia
Main School Vajrayana
Sub School Tibetan, Karma Kagyu
Contact person(s) Sonam Ongmu Denzongpa
Spiritual Director Venerable Dekhung Gyaltsey Rinpoche
Contact Infotmation
Address Lot 7/1-23 Cupania Court
Tweed Heads West
New South Wales 2485
Country Australia
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Phone (07) 5599 9828
Mobile 04 25 240 825
Website http://karmapa.org.au/
Email ongmu@karmapa.org.au

Mission of Karmapa Australia Inc.

To facilitate peace in the world and to relieve the suffering of all living beings by spreading the Teachings of Karmapa in Australia, the living Buddha of today’s generation.

Karmapa means “A Being who knows his Past, Present and Future”.

Karmapa is the first and the only Reincarnate in Tibet who leaves a letter about his future births before passing away. In this letter are the name of his parents, the year he’ll be born and the description of his birth place. The activity of the Karmapa is pure, free, genuine and compassionate whose objective is the final end of suffering for all Beings.

The 17th Karmapa Orgyen Trinlay Dorje was born in 1985 in Tibet. The 16th Karmapa had left a letter behind about his future incarnate birth, the name of his parents and the year. The reincarnation was confirmed genuine by His Holiness 14th Dalai Lama. It sounds magical but it actually happened.

The 17th Karmapa is currently residing in Northern part of India, Dharamsala where His Holiness Dalai Lama lives in Exile.

I have now lived in Australia for 12 years and I see this yearning for Buddhism. When I say I am Buddhist, people want to know about it or many have an appreciation of it being a peaceful faith, but there is more to it than just meditation and being peaceful. How do we derive genuine peace, and what can one achieve from Meditation? I mean the correct meditation.

Buddhism can be very simple, dissolving mysteries and complications easily and with commonsense truths. On the other hand, Buddhism can appear so complicated and vast that it seems even a life time of study would not be sufficient to get to the bottom of it. Buddhism encompasses both these extremes, although the foundations of Buddhist philosophy and practice rest on a few clear principles.

This website was created so that there is more awareness about His Holiness Karmapa who is the living Buddha, and so that we can provide information about Buddhism, about His Holiness Teachings, and meditation. It is our hope that it may benefit people’s understanding and practice of Buddha’s profound teachings.

I take refuge in the Buddha Dharma and the Supreme Assembly. Those are the words we recite to connect ourselves as Buddhists.

Karmapa Australia aims at creating Karmapa’s teachings in Australia. It’s objective is to create awareness that there is a Great Teacher out there, for those who are looking for a Buddha, a True Guru, who could lead you not just in this life, but also guide you until you are enlightened. There are so many teachers and faiths, but how do we meet the great one and a true Guru. How do we know who is our Teacher, for before this, one does dwell in confusion. Karmapa Australia enables the seeker to be connected to a great Guru.

If you have been waiting for your voyage, adrift in the ocean of samsara, let me be the ship for your life, and the compass to show you direction. Let me journey you to the shore. That is my purpose. I have met His Holiness Karmapa on a number of occasions and just to be in the presence of his energy one can feel his greatness. So my dear friends hopefully you too can become associated to a Living Buddha. And you can make your journey from here.

In the Pure Heart of Dharma.

If you have queries or need help please feel free to contact Karmapa Australia Inc.

Karmapa Australia Inc. is entirely independent and has no political affiliations.