Jhana Grove Meditation Centre

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Jhana Grove Meditation Centre
Main School Theravada
Sub School Thai, Ajahn Chah, Forest Tradition
Teacher(s) Ajahn Brahmavamso
Contact Infotmation
Address 283 Kingsbury Drive
Western Australia 6125
Country Australia
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Phone (08) 9525 3314
Website http://cms.jhanagrove.org.au/
Email jhanagrove@bswa.org, caretaker@jhanagrove.org.au



Meditation is well-known to relieve the stresses of modern life, enhance one’s health and even assist in the treatment of cancer. It is also known to the Buddhist world as the essential path to inner peace and eventual enlightenment. It is for this reason that the Buddhist Society of Western Australia built the “Jhana Grove Meditation Centre”. It is located on a secluded piece of land surrounded by natural forest in the hills above Serpentine, just 1km from Bodhinyana Buddhist Monastery.


Jhana Grove Retreat Centre comfortably accommodates up to 60 guests at a time in 10 individual cottages containing rooms each with its own en-suite. This allows a great deal of privacy and thus maximises the benefits of meditation practice. Connected to the cottages, by a covered walkway, is a large, air-conditioned meditation hall with three adjoining halls for the convenient practice of walking meditation. There is also a well-equipped kitchen and dinning area, as well as laundry, office, and storage facilities. A small caretakers residence completes the centre.

Residential and Self-Retreats

We offer regular formal residential retreats led by the Sangha of nearby Bodhinyana and Dhammasara Monasteries. Formal residential retreats are very popular and early booking is advised. For experienced/serious spiritual practioners we also offer Sangha mentored self-retreats. The minimum stay for self-retreats is 7 days. All retreats focus on meditation and retreatants follow the 8-precepts of Buddhism. Noble Silence is kept during almost the entire time. Jhana Grove Meditation Centre is also available for meditation retreats by other Buddhist Groups, subject to availability.


The facilities have been designed so that the elderly and infirmed, especially those with illnesses such as cancer, can learn meditation techniques and strategies in a peaceful environment that is also physically comfortable.

Funded by donations

Jhana Grove was funded through the generous donations of the wider Buddhist community and we offer residential meditation retreats without a set fee. To cover the cost of food and maintenance we rely solely on unsolicited donations given out of gratitude from those who have enjoyed the facilities. We do take a room deposit of $100, however this is fully refundable at the end of the retreat and covers potential damage to community facilities.

Our Patron

We are proud to have the former premier of Western Australia Dr. Geoff Gallop as our patron. Dr Gallop has used meditation to help recover from his recent illness.