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Hu Guo Bao Temple
Main School Mahayana
Sub School Chinese
Contact Infotmation
Address 10 Hendry close
Australian Capital Territory 2913
Country Australia
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Phone (02) 6255 6878
Mobile 04 133 03 130
Fax (03) 9540 3888

The beginnings of Hu Guo Bao En Temple of Australia Incorporated (Canberra):

Canberra is the picturesque capital city of Australia with a rich cultural background. With a population of around 350,000, it is internationally renowned and has a ‘garden city’ reputation. Canberra is home to various dominant religious communities such as Catholics and Christians. However, with the increase of migrants from Asia, the need for Mahayana Buddhism has become increasingly pressing. And, the Hu Guo Bao En Temple was established under such unique circumstances.

To believers, Buddhist temples and monasteries have always served as a gathering place for families and friends, a refueling station in life, a peaceful venue for cultivating one’s spirituality, a pure land for discarding one’s worries and a learning ground for cultivating merits and virtues.

Buddhist temples provide great opportunities for the Sangha (clergy) and laity to discuss and listen to the dissemination of the Dharma and its discourses. Wisdom and merits can thus be cultivated. Buddhist temples are also excellent places to cultivate oneself in right practice and to create positive and good karma and merits.

Hence, the construction of a temple to house the Sangha is a cause that should not be taken lightly as it provides an opportunity for all sentient beings to be enlightened. During the times when the Buddha was still in this world, the increasing number of bhikkus, bhikkunis and laypersons resulted in a shortage of Buddhist scripture halls and living quarters for the Sangha. Thus, with the approval of the Buddha, monasteries of three, five and even seven storeys were built to provide them with appropriate places to practice and disseminate the Dharma. This resulted in the delivery of countless sentient beings from sufferings and is the light of salvation of the era.

The Buddha said in the Vinaya Sutra, ‘Those who have obtained genuine merits will have great outcomes, great benefits, great dignity and great righteousness. Sons and daughters of good families, whether walking, sitting or lying down, are continually building their wholesome roots. One who builds a scripture hall will obtain the greatest of the seven genuine merits.’ All the good merits from the cultivation and reflection of right practices undertaken in the same hall will be the same for those who have given their support freely during the construction of the dissemination hall.

The Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara (Guanyin Pusa) once took the form of Guru Banmaside and said: ‘During the construction of a scripture hall for the Sangha, a basketful of earth is the equivalent of a basketful of gold.’, thus it can be seen that the merits are outstanding when supporting the construction of a temple.

A Buddhist temple is a true representation of the Buddha’s body, speech and thoughts. It enables one to cultivate the right practice, disseminate the truth (Dharma) as well as continuing the pure and continual heritage of the Dharma. This also enables the delivery of sentient beings from the sufferings of life and death cycles which has infinite merits. Therefore, the benefits now or in the future are inconceivable when accumulating such good merits.

Regardless of the amount donated, one who supports the deed joyously will cultivate unimaginable merits and virtues, to the likeness of the ocean never drying up when even drops of water is poured in.

The Hu Guo Bao En Temple was established in 2008. In the last four years, the temple achieved significant results in the propagation of cultural, educational, promotional and charitable aspects of Buddhism. These achievements received considerable attention from the Buddhist circle and the locals. Due to the increase in the number of followers, the capacity of the current temple has reached its full limits. Venerable Miao Jing thereby resolved to build a temple to fit the whole congregation. With much planning, hard work and negotiations, he managed to secure the permit and a block of land of 4000 square metres for use as a place of worship from the Government near the existing temple. Construction costing an estimated $3,800,000 will begin in March, 2013 and is expected to complete by the end of 2014.

The new temple consists of the Mahavira Hall (main hall), an outdoor statue of the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara (Guanyin Pusa), a Haihui Pagoda (for ancestor praying) and living areas. It also features multi functional facilities for various facets of Buddhism such as culture, art, ethics and rites, propagation, meditation, retreats and the like, integrating traditional and modern elements.

Prayers will be offered at the temple for peace and prosperity of Australia and its people. The temple also provides a pure land for Buddhists and people from all walks of life to gather and interact, build consensus and to repay the kindness received from the general public with gratitude. We also hope for all sentient beings to gather and learn about the religion in order to extend their faith in Buddhism.

Joyous Merits:

Carve a statue of Buddha to create an affinity to the Dharma and you will have splendor, dignity, and a joyful heart.

Gilt a wisp of gold to accumulate a fortune of wealth and you will have a Fortunatus’s purse and be blessed with good fortune.

Erect a pillar to ensure a solid foundation and you will become extremely powerful and have a thriving career.

Contribute a stone to build up merits and you will have your luck and wisdom doubled and stride a smooth path in life.

Lay a piece of tile and brick to provide shelter from the storm and you will in return get the refuge for yourself.

The Triple Gem Buddhas in the Main Shrine:

  • The Sakyamuni Buddha of the Saha World in the middle - $100,000
  • The Bhaisajyaguru Buddha (Buddha of Healing and Medicine) of the eastern realm of Pure Lapis Lazuli - $100,000
  • The Amitabha Buddha of the western realm of Sukhāvatī - $100,000

(Donations are appreciated, $1,000 per share)Names of donors will be engraved on the lotus stand.

  • The two main pillars in the middle of the Main Shrine - $100,000 per pillar. Names of donors will be engraved on respective pillars.
  • The Four main pillars in the front of the Main Shrine - $50,000 per pillar. Names of donors will be engraved on respective pillars.
  • 30 pillars along the corridor in front of the Main Shrine - $12,000 per pillar. Names of donors will be engraved on respective pillars.
  • The Plaque of the Main Shrine is $50,000, and names of donor will be engraved on the plaque.
  • Four main rake angled beams of roof of the Main Shrine; $2,000 per beam. Names of donors will be engraved on a tablet.
  • Seven minor rake angled beams of roof of the Main Shrine; $1,000 per beam. Names of donors will be engraved on a tablet.
  • One offerings table with carvings of dragons in the Main Shrine is $50,000 and names of donor will be engraved on the table.
  • Each Ruyi Brick is $20 per brick, and name of donor will be inscribed on respective bricks.

10.Each Jixiang Tile is $30 per tile, and name of donor will be inscribed on respective tiles.

11.Each Bodhi Tree is $500 each, and names of donor will be engraved on a tablet.

12.An outdoor six-meter stone-carved statue of the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara (Guanyin Pusa). Donation is by lotus petal, each petal is $5,000 and names of donor will be engraved on respective petals.

13.The gate of the temple is $120,000. (May be shared by four families and each family may donate $30,000)

14.Permanent meritorious donors are $3,600 per person. Donations may be made by installments of $100 per month over a period of three years. On the completion of the new temple, each donor will:-

a) have their names permanently engraved on a tablet;
b) have a permanent longevity tablet; and
c) Have a permanent tablet for their ancestors.

(Each tablet will be placed along both sides of the Main Shrine)

On this occasion of building a new temple, we sincerely hope that people from all communities would take advantage of this excellent opportunity to cultivate good karma, either by participating in this very special project or by donating joyously.

Accordingly, the Hu Guo Bao En Temple will continue to uphold the principle of Humanistic Buddhism - valuing both agriculture and Chan equally thereby inspiring faith, giving happiness, encouraging hope and offering convenience. Some of the activities originating from this principle include:

  • A weekly group reciting the name of Amitabha Buddha as a meditation method;
  • The Lights Ceremony to pray for good luck and to repay kindness;
  • Ceremonies to commemorate the birthdays of various Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

In addition, Buddhist rituals such as Taking of Refuge, Observance of the Five Percepts, the Eight Commandments, the Water Repentance, and the Great Compassion Repentance are conducted occasionally, in order to provide different approaches to the practicing of the Dharma. This enables the followers to calm their body and mind, and concentrate on their own cultivation of right practice.

Dharma talks and the dissemination of the Buddha’s teachings will also be held occasionally to guide the congregation in their study of the profound Sutras (scriptures) which would inspire their Prajna wisdom.

We hope that all would come together to help and support the Hu Guo Bao En Temple in building a Pure Land in this chaotic world so that the Dharma can bring spiritual peace and serenity to all sentient beings.

Details of the building account for donations are as follows:

Account name: Hu Guo Bao En Temple of Australia Incorporated
Address: 71 Beaconsfield - Emerald Road, Emerald Vic 3782
Bank: National Australia Bank
BSB number: 08-3088
Account number: 79-345-9427
Branch Address: Level 2 120 Spencer Street, Melbourne 3000

  • Venerable Mingsheng Shi +61-2-62556878
  • Venerable Dezhen Shi +61-8-85563168
  • Venerable Mingrong Shi +61-3-59682828
  • Venerable Yile Shi +61-3-94216698
  • Venerable Miaojing Shi +61-423288231