Garden of Enlightenment (Chenrezig Institute, Eudlo, QLD)

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Garden of Enlightenment (Chenrezig Institute, Eudlo, QLD)
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Chenrezig Institute
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The Garden of Enlightenment at Chenrezig Institute

Stupa location 26° 44' 32.70" S, 152° 54' 12.10" E
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Property address 33 Johnsons Road, Eudlo, Queensland 4554, Australia
Type of Stupa Eight Great Stupas
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Glen Lutton, Garrey Foulkes, Krissie Foulkes

Garden of Enlightenment

During Chenrezig Institutes 20th Anniversary in 1994 Lama Zopa Rinpoche, the spiritual director of the FPMT, initiated the idea of a garden of stupas. Stupas are structures that represent Buddha’s enlightened mind, and each part of the Stupa shows the path to Enlightenment. Stupas are filled with prayers, holy objects and ashes or relics of the deceased. It is said that building a Stupa is a very powerful way to purify negative karma and obscurations, and to accumulate extensive merit. The Garden of Enlightenment at Chenrezig Institute was envisaged as a place where people can sponsor stupas for themselves or for those who have passed away.

The project commenced in 1996 and took 14 years of dedicated work by hundreds of volunteers, including builders, landscapers, sculptors and artists. The Garden was completed in June 2011 – just in time for it to be blessed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, who visited the Institute and gave teachings to 4000 people assembled on the lawns above the Garden.

The main building has 13 separate shrine rooms containing stupas, paintings, a mandala and hundreds of sponsored gold tiles. On the roof of this building are the Eight Great Stupas commemorating the deeds of the Buddha. These stupas are dedicated to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Lama Zopa Rinpoche and the many kind residents and teachers who have helped Chenrezig Institute become the vibrant centre it is today.

Around the main building is a veranda for circumambulation and many prayer wheels. The building inside and out is decorated in traditional Tibetan style.

Surrounding the main building are beautiful flower gardens with several water features and shaded seating. Within these gardens are many smaller memorial stupas. The surrounding area is natural bushland with many native birds and animals.


Garden of Enlightenment[1]

Pictures detailing the enormous efforts by countless individuals over the years culminating in the events currently unfolding... the compilation of the ingredients, consecration, and filling of the Eight Great Stupas on the roof of the shrine building at the Garden of Enlightenment.

Official Opening of the Garden of Enlightenment[2]

On a beautiful secluded site surrounded by tropical Queensland rainforest and part of Chenrezig Institute, a tranquil garden has emerged. A towering central development of eight large Stupas on the roof of a shrine building elaborately decorated in Tibetan Buddhist style strike quite a contrast in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Many smaller Stupas and niches containing the ashes of those who passed away are placed throughout the landscaped gardens, along water features, or under trees.

Fifteen years in the making this beautiful and inspiring setting, created mostly by volunteers, is a must-see for all visitors who remark on the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. Many people have a rather dry view of the way conventional crematorium gardens function, and they see the Garden of Enlightenment as a real alternative that is a lot more personal and familiar for them. “ This is where I want to end up” is a common response.

Although the garden is beautiful, Chenrezig Institute acknowledges that the garden’s construction isn’t simply to provide visitors with something pretty to enjoy. The main purpose of the garden is to provide those who have passed away, as well as those who have lost loved ones, an opportunity to create the causes for enlightenment. How? Creating holy objects and dedicating them to a person who has died is one way to ensure that this person receives a favorable rebirth and further, creates merit for the loved one who initiates the creation of a Stupa. To date, the volunteers of the Garden of Enlightenment have made more than 300 Stupas of various sizes for inclusion in the garden at Chenrezig Institute or for private gardens.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama visited the site in June 2011 to bless the gardens.

The garden was officially opened on October 29, 2011