Daham Niketanaya

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Daham Niketanaya

Daham Niketanaya

Tradition/Linage Sri Lanka
Main School Theravada
Teacher(s) Ven. Kotte Santhindriya
Monks Ven. Kotte Santhindriya Thero
Contact Infotmation
Address 1690 Mickelham Road
Victoria 3063
Country Australia
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Phone (03) 9333 4848
Website www.dahamniketanaya.org.au
Email dahamniketanaya_au@hotmail.com, kotte1952@hotmail.com

Daham Niketanaya

The Daham Niketanaya was established in 1994 by the North Victorian Buddhist Association Inc. Now located at Yuroke, the temple's main objective is to maintain a centre for education and training in Buddhist culture and Asian languages. The temple also engages in activities to increase the awareness of Budhism and meditation in the community at large. One of temple's main tasks is to promote social fellowship and harmony within the framework of tolerance, participation, loving kindness and compassion in keeping with the Buddhist tradition.

The Centre also caters for the practice of meditation and encourages the practical observance of Theravada Buddhism for Buddhists and non Buddhists among Australians.

About Daham Niketanaya

Daham Niketanaya

A place of peace and restoration A place to learn and practice Theravada Buddhism and meditation. In a chaotic world dominated by conflicting interests, both personal and global, Buddhism brings awareness in our deepest being of the oneness of universal life.

Our Story

On seventeenth of the cold month in July 1994, foundation was laid for the North Victorian Buddhist Association, at Glenroy, as a simple one bed room apartment with a humble beginning of less than fifty members. The association was established with pure objectives of providing the community with religious, cultural, social and educational services according to the Buddhist tradition. It also provided the people of Sri Lankan origin and other community to participate in religious social and cultural activities and also social gatherings. From this temporary premises the Association was later moved to 397 Barry Road, Upfield. However this building also did not prove to be spacious enough to provide the necessary facilities to the rapidly increasing membership. Our association with growing membership at the time, were fortunate enough to buy this land mass in Yuroke at a reasonable price in 1998, in what was happened to be one of the quietest areas just outside Melbourne. We couldn’t ask for any better location for its religious activities such as meditation yet though so close to Melbourne city. The Temple now call as Daham Nikethanaya , consists of almost all of its structures that could possibly be there for a typical buddhist temple that we all know as Srilankans.

Within first 10 years of its formation, it was a major success to its resident monks , North Victorian Buddhist association , its valuable membership and its timeless hours and effort and Victorian government through its occasional grants. Resident monks in Daham Nikethanaya provide valuable services to its followers in addition to its routine programs including a wide range of activities such as help in time of crises, youth problems and to find solution to conflict situations where ever needed. We have two resident monks at the premise at any given time to serve its community through its religious education and other community needs that arise from time to time . Venerable Kotte Santhindriya was the chief monk and the first of this temple and a permanent resident of Australia .

Ven. Kotte Santhindriya Thero

Ven. Kotte Santhindriya Thero

Since 1994, the Thero has been serving the Sri Lankan Buddhist community in Melbourne in his capacity as the Chief Resident Monk at the Daham Niketanaya temple.

Ven. Kotte Santhindriya was born on 21st Nov.1952 and was ordained as a Bikkhu on 21st May 1965 at Gothama Thapowanaya, Angoda, Sri Lanka and received his higher ordination (Upasampada) on 8th July 1975. Ven. Kotte Santhindriya received his early education at the government school Ethul-Kotte Sri Lanka and subsequently at the National Institute of Higher Studies, Colombo 7, Sri Lanka. After studying "Buddhist Studies" full time for 5 years,he was awarded a degree in "Tripitakavedi" by Buddhasravaka Dharmapitaya in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka in 1979. He obtained a Diploma in Buddha Dhamma from Sri Jinarathana College, Colombo 12, Sri Lanka in 1984. He also obtained a Degree in Master of Arts from Buddhist and Pali University, Colombo 7, Sri Lanka in 1987. This was after following two years full time course in "Buddhist Philosophy".

After coming to Australia in 1994, Venerable Santhindriya Thero is actively participating in chaplaincy and pastoral care services with the Royal Melbourne Hospital since June 1998. He was also awarded with "Victoria's Award For Multicultural Affairs" by the Victorian Premier and the Chairman of Victorian Multicultural Commission. In November 2006, Venerable Thero was appointed as the chief monk ("Sanganayaka") of Sweigen sect of Australia. Also in November 2006 he was appointed as a Justice of Peace in Victoria. Venerable Santhindriya Thero provides necessary leadership and guidance for all the activities carried out at the temple.

What is "Dana"

The version "Dana" encounters a spectacular variety of ways and means. Dana is not only the materials we contribute. Dana is not only the alms we offer. Including food, clothing, shelter, medication, education and knowledge of Dhamma, Dana is everything we offer with selfless compassion, generosity and goodwill...

... Being generously motivated for Dana beforehand, making a sincere offering, feeling the satisfaction afterwards in the memory of contribution, completes a fully accomplished "Dana" and brings vast merit to our lives.


Daham Niketanaya