Crystal Castle & Shambhala Gardens

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Crystal Castle & Shambhala Gardens
Main School Non-Sectarian
Stupa Yes (See Stupa Page)
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Address 81 Monet Dr
New South Wales 2482
Country Australia
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Phone (02) 6684 3111
Fax (02) 6684 1196
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Crystal Castle and Shambhala Gardens is one of Nature’s sacred places, another side to Byron you must see.

30 years ago this lush landscape was a bare paddock, overgrazed and treeless. The King family have created one of the most unique and enriching destinations in the southern hemisphere.

These private botanical gardens filled with extraordinary crystals, sub-tropical plant life and daily experiences for all ages will provide you with a uniquely fulfilling experience.

What's included in your visit:

  • Rare and amazing, giant crystals & fossils throughout, dating back 500 million years
  • Botanical “Shambhala” Gardens and rainforest spread across 5 hectares of lush flora and fauna, including walks, sculptures, deities, contemplation spaces, a sacred labyrinth, and the largest stone Blessing Buddha in Australia
  • Kalachakra Stupa for World Peace. The Dalai Lama blessed this project and it is the only Buddhist Stupa of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere
  • Four unique and amazing daily experiences taking you on a journey of fascination and relaxation > click here for full Daily Experiences Program
  • Your own copy of the Crystal Castle Guidebook. A comprehensive 128 page, beautifully illustrated guide to complement your visit
  • A friendly, helpful, insightful team
  • A children’s playground and also included, on the weekends and school holidays, complimentary facepainting. Slumbering contentedly in the playground the children will discover Fireheart the dragon!

Enhance your visit:

  • Lotus Café - on the terrace overlooking one of the best views in the Byron Shire, providing delicious food and drinks made on the premises from lots of locally sourced ingredients and veggies from the onsite organic gardens
  • Aura Photos with mini-interpretation
  • Tarot sessions available by appointment from world renowned readers
  • The showroom and gallery offer an incredible selection of large and small crystals, crystal singing bowls, exquisite jewellery, books, music, prayer flags, gifts and more

Our History

In 1986, Naren King was invited to a new years party at a magnificent unique building on 25 hectares near Mullumbimby. Eccentric architect, Edwin Kingsbury, had created a concept of “harmonious architecture”, a round central building with 4 radiating wings, no 90-degree angles, and magical reflecting ponds. All built where the ley lines, or earth’s energy lines, intersect. Built in 1980, owner Mal Cooper had demanded the very best materials from around the region and subsequently went broke building it.

Captivated by this magnificent property Naren set his sights on becoming the new owner. Five knockbacks from the banks didn’t deter him and his persistence paid off when a Harley-Davidson-riding bank manager loved the adventurous nature of the crystal business Naren was envisioning. Hence, “The Castle”, as the locals jokingly called it, began operating as a crystal business, accompanied by the raising of horses and chickens, and years of massive re-planting of the decimated land, which had been cleared for grazing and banana growing. Naren and his then wife, Dhira King, worked tirelessly in these early days to create a place of magic and wonder.

Crystalight was Australia’s first direct importer of quality natural crystals from around the world, supplying wholesale crystals from the hills of Mullumbimby. Local hippies got wind of something interesting going on and kept ‘dropping in’ to marvel at the crystals. The Byron Bay Visitor Centre started directing tourists to “try to get in”. With all this activity the “Crystal Castle”, as it became known, was open for limited trading to the public.

Naren has spent over 25 years travelling the world in search of extraordinary crystals. At one stage so much rose quartz was imported that it was used to line the pathways around the Castle, which saw the gardens begin to take shape. People loved spending time surrounded by such beauty and started hanging around; hence the Café was built to provide refreshments.

Over many years, the continuing vision has been to create a place of magic and wonder, beauty and energy, with all proceeds being spent on improvements. The past decade has seen Naren’s wife and the Castle’s Creative Director, Sono King, designing an exquisite jewellery range, the gardens, the Labyrinth, the Buddha Walk, the Rainforest Walk, and most recently the landscape lighting to create magical nights.

The vision for the future is to build upon and share this enchanting property. A place where people can find peace and tranquility, be touched by sacred beauty, ignite their senses and enrich their spirit!


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