Buddha House

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Buddha House
Main School Vajrayana
Sub School Tibetan, Gelug, FPMT
Founded 1982
Teacher(s) Venerable Thubten Dondrub
Contact Infotmation
Address 1 Fisher Street
South Australia 5065
Country Australia
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Phone (08) 8333 2824
Website http://www.buddhahouse.org/
Email info@buddhahouse.org
Postal Address PO Box 434, Glenside, 5065, South Australia

Buddha House is a centre for Buddhist study and meditation, located in the suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia.

We are are an entirely volunteer run organization without any paid staff. All fees are used to support course offerings. We have a wide-ranging program from Learn to Meditate classes for beginners, to advanced classes on Buddhist philosophy and practice.

Buddha House provides

  • Authentic teachings by Tibetan Buddhist practitioners who have received their education at Sera Je Monastic University (India). This provides us with the unique opportunity to be a part of an unbroken lineage of spiritual teachings.
  • A vehicle for people to engage in compassionate action toward others.
  • An environment where the real issues in our lives and in society can be looked at and acted upon - where theory and practice can be brought together and nurtured as a living whole.

Our Centre is located at 1 Fisher Street Tusmore (Masonic Hall)

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Meditation at Buddha House

Learn to Meditate

Monday 6pm -7pm

Tuesday 6pm -7pm

Learn simple and reliable methods of finding peace and meaning through meditation.

These classes provide practical instruction as well as encouragement in the basics of meditation, presented in a way that has a wide ranging appeal.

The classes can be attended by people who are brand new to the concept of meditation, or by experienced meditators looking to strengthen their practice. You do not need to be a Buddhist nor subscribe to any particular belief to benefit from Learn to Meditate.

Led by experienced practitioners. All welcome. By Donation

Healing Meditation

Thursday 10:30-11:30am

Take time out from the stresses and bustle of the day-to-day for an hour of peace and calm. You will be guided through 2 meditations designed to relax and give a sense of inner peace. The first a practice of mindfulnesss, the second focusing on healing - physically, mentally and/or emotionally.

Everyone welcome.

Facilitated by senior student Karyn Williams

By donation.

Lam Rim Meditation

Thursday 6-7pm

Sunday 9-10am

Mindfulness of the breath, followed by a guided meditation on a topic from the Graduated Path to Enlightenment or Lam Rim as it is known in Tibetan. This event has been scheduled on Sunday morning at Buddha House for over 20 years! Led by experienced students. All welcome.

Facility Fee: $8, concession & members $5.

Guided Meditation

Wednesday 10:15-11:15am

Wednesday Morning 10:15 am. The format may vary depending on the group leader, but usually the session consists of some mindfulness meditation, followed by a traditional buddhist analysis or visualisation.

All welcome. Facility Fee: $8, concession & members $5.