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Australia Tibet Council
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Australia Tibet Council

Main School Non-Sectarian
Sub School Tibetan
Contact Infotmation
New South Wales 1300
Country Australia
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Phone (02) 8005 1497
Mobile 04 19 420 526, 04 16 695 590
Postal Address PO Box 704 Darlinghurst NSW 1300

Who we are

ATC is the largest and the most active community of Tibet supporters in Australia.

You can join this powerful movement of over 20,000 Australians seeking positive changes in Tibet.

We have come to Tibet for many reasons – some of us value Tibet for its rich Buddhist culture, some out of concern for its environment and all out of support for Tibetans’ enduring struggle for human freedom and justice.

We are inspired by the indomitable spirit of the Tibetan people, who for over 60 years have fought against the oppression of their homeland with non-violent resistance.

We believe Australia, as part of the international community, has the responsibility to help create a better future for Tibet. As one of China’s major trading partners, Australia is well placed to make a real difference in the Tibetan struggle.

We have proved that when individual Australians pull together and take coordinated action, we can be a force for significant changes.

From a small band of volunteers in 1988, today we are the leading Tibet support group in Australia. From online actions to public talks to advocacy days, we have an ambitious program of strategic activities giving anyone the opportunity to play their part. All this is funded solely by our members.

Collaboration is a core value at ATC. We work closely with groups including local Tibetan communities and organisations, the Australian All-Party Parliamentary Group for Tibet, Dalai Lama in Australia Ltd and Tibet Information Office, the Australian arm of the Tibetan government-in-exile.

By joining ATC, you can also be part of a truly global movement. We are a close partner of the International Campaign for Tibet and an integral part of the International Tibet Network, a worldwide coalition of close to 200 Tibet support groups.


What we do

For more than 20 years, the ATC community has fought and won campaigns in support of Tibetan human rights and democratic freedoms. From stopping Australian companies from exploiting Tibet’s resources to campaigning successfully for the release of political prisoners to pushing the Australian government to publicly speak out on Tibet, we have shone spotlight on oppression and injustice, empowered Australia’s young Tibetans and amplified the voices of the Tibetan people in their call for freedom.

So how do we do it?

Educating and mobilising the public

ATC works to better educate the Australian public, media, parliament and other key institutions on why Tibet matters in today’s world – its rich culture, strategic position in Asia and unique environment. Through our regular Tibet Talks series we help Australians explore diverse aspects of Tibetan life. We provide the latest news on our website and social media and use cutting-edge online tools to help people turn that awareness into action.

Direct political advocacy

Several times a year ATC staff meet directly with politicians and government officials to seek concrete action on Tibet. But to carry any clout in Canberra we need to be able to show that ATC has the voices of thousands of Australians and Tibetans behind it. That’s why the real power is in the ATC community and why we work to provide everybody with the tools to have their voices heard, from sending an email to their local politician to taking part in the Tibet Advocacy Project.

ATC also meets regularly with Government officials and participates in a range of enquiries and other processes. We work with Tibet Information Office to help organise parliamentary delegations to Dharamsala, seat of the Tibetan government-in-exile, and visits to Australia by Tibetan leaders, including Kalon Tripa Dr Lobsang Sangay in 2012. These combined actions achieve results, with more and more politicians speaking out about the situation in Tibet.

Empowering Tibetans

Through the foresight of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the Tibetans have built one of the most resilient exile communities.

ATC helps to further strengthen the exile community through projects such as Freedom Education Program, which enables former political prisoners to develop the necessary educational and employment skills to rebuild a new life in exile.

We also work to support Australia’s Tibetan communities in their political and cultural activities throughout the year, and in particular help young Tibetans in becoming stronger advocates through trainings and advocacy days.

Strengthening the global Tibet movement

Our work expands beyond our shores.

As an active player in the International Tibet Network, we take part in strategic planning processes at international and regional Tibet Support Group conferences and in hard-hitting campaigns to build a strong international pressure on China to bring real change in Tibet.