Amitabha Buddhist Association of Queensland

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Amitabha Buddhist Association of Queensland

Amitabha Buddhist Association of Queensland

Main School Mahayana
Contact Infotmation
Address 11 Toona Place
Queensland 4116
Country Australia
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Phone 07-3273 1693
Fax 07-3272 0677

Amitabha Buddhist Association of Queensland

In 1994, Hong Shengzong lay with a few initiates introduce Master Master of magic. Five, six initiates began a weekly home evening polymerization, listen to the preaching of Master's videotapes, and each discussion group meditation and chanting. Later in that group meditation practitioners gathered increase, Cai Jushi home can not accommodate, then lent Liu Jushi home. After another period of time, because there are retreats noise disturbing neighbors at risk, then again looking for group meditation spaces. At that time, Chen Chi Buddhist yellow snow has a room residence temporarily idle, then the heart and provide retreats place. Meditation has come at this time a dozen fellow practitioners, we all clung to adhere to the same philosophy: "a specialization, Buddha Bliss survive." Meditation all public gatherings law feel immeasurable joy, is to return to Taiwan to jointly discuss and pray Please Master Master Hironori hand-Australia. Since thirsty method initiates much sought immediately sent several representatives to push China Tibetan Buddhist master and Han Guanzhang audiovisual library audience. Master initiates Xingmeng, curator mercy met and promised to come to Australia elective shine. In the same year, curator and enlightenment Master Master kai and his party arrived in Australia. Initiates lease space, Master Says Prayer. At that time hundreds of listeners, packed. Public Wyatt collar law, extremely Most Excellent. After the puja, curator Master Yun enlightenment persistence Australia, teaches the initiates various items ritual. Over several months, the curator more sent Master Wu row Arrival, instruments used to teach the initiates learn chanting, and formal fixed every Saturday group meditation courses. Meditation initiates enthusiastic participation, consistent deeply Hall needs to be fixed as a group meditation place, so in line Master Wu leadership, actively looking Locations and preparations for the establishment Jingzong learn. After selecting the number of the petitioner Master and curator visit Australia identification, last fixed for the present site, officially moved after refurbishment enabled. Initiates and Master Master's teachings, active sophisticated, promote Dhamma. Australia Jingzong Society was established in June 1995, please Hanguan Zhang Jun permanent president, the man-made permanent master tutor, has calendar years. Under Master Master, Master leadership and gentlemen, has deep Dhamma Fung, Dharma, Purdue beings, expect all practitioners have encountered four sophisticated practice and mostly from.

Master Jingzong

File:Master Jingzong.jpg
Master Jingzong

In 1959, He was ordained in Taipei Yuanshan Master Rinzai temple; to restore reason and moral education, promote Mahayana Buddhism spirit of compassion responsibility. Lecture teaching for more than five decades since, without interruption. Initiated "Buddhism" is "Buddha education" rectify the name says, open the Indian classical and use donated audio-visual equipment, Internet, satellite TV popularity benevolent atmosphere fraternity EFA. India has already purchased more than six thousand five hundred sets of "Tripitaka" Get a global institution of higher learning, the National Library Jige religious groups. Taipei, who have been appointed ten Pu Temple Tripitaka faculty, professor of philosophy at the Department of Chinese Culture University, the Dean of the country. Founder of China Tibetan audiovisual library, the Buddha Education Foundation and the Australian Jingzong College. Guidance Society of Singapore founder Jingzong "preaching talent training." Today there are more than one hundred of the world's educational institutions employ Buddha Master permanent teacher; tens of thousands of listeners, through distance learning to learn from the Master.

In addition to preaching the teaching, the Master in all types of medicine, education, charity is also very concerned about the cause, regardless of nationality, religion, ethnic group, equal sincere contribute. Beginning in 1997, three years living in Sin Chew, Singapore is committed nine religious solidarity, to tell people that "the world is indeed different religions can be united!" Texas has won the honorary citizen, honorary citizen of Dallas, honorary citizen of Australia Toowoomba, the highest honor of the Indonesian Ministry of Religion, and Griffith University in Australia, University of Queensland, University of Southern Queensland and Indonesia Xiali. Honorary doctorate and an honorary professor noted Dexia dragged Islamic University. Two ΟΟ five years, won the British Queen honors AM reaffirms Master outstanding contribution to multicultural education and religious solidarity. Half a century, Master footprint fill the five continents. University has represented to the rest of Asia, Australia and participate in an international peace conference; several times, accompanied by nine religious Singapore, Indonesia's five major religions, Malaysia's five major religions delegation to China (as far as Xinjiang), Rome, Egypt and other places of worship and universities. Thai Sangha and donated hospital construction fund, in fact, resolve Theravada Buddhism two thousand years of estrangement a big step. Actions of the Department, not only by the support of love Buddhists, but also friendly exchanges with various religious, sincere learning, become frank friend.

Two ΟΟ five years, UNESCO Representative in Australia, many visits to the old Master, hope to cooperate with Australia Jingzong University, invite genuine caring, moral knowledge of old professors, experts and scholars lecture. Coupled with the "Rules", "Treatise Industry Road by" teaching, in Chinese, English, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, French and other six languages ​​to promote to the world. Using the Internet, satellite TV, twenty-four hours of each region of the world played repeatedly. Provide people around the world recognize the divine perfection successful learning ethics, morality, causality, religious education. Given the Modern Master religions gradually declined, and the lack of emphasis on the form of the substance, and actively promote the establishment of "religious university" or "multi-cultural university" foster religious teachers who preach depth doctrine, improve quality. Sincerely hope that all religions have encountered learners Allah Ke divine mercy fraternity, the implementation of a harmonious society social ideal.

As solid ethical, moral saints educational foundation, cause, religion, science, the Master special in two ΟΟ school six years later land in Queensland, Australia, the school hopes to cultivate the world's religions and the fine traditional culture of teachers. Confucianism of "Rules", "too much on the induction chapter," Road and Buddha "Treatise industry Road" is rooted in the teachings of education, discipline-based, requires all students three hundred percent implementation of this program. Thus three subjects, not only the foundation of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism academic, in fact, saints' benevolent love, Sincerity modest "education of the large root Big Ben. Especially in today society, more emphasis on the old Master, only understands the cause of education, in order to really since Lilly him, since the degree of him. If the cause is unknown, even to learn ethics, moral education, also easily superficial, mere formality. Therefore, Mr. ounce cloud: everyone is clear causal, peace and order way too; everyone unknown cause, the chaos of the road also. If not effectively perform, the world out of this world only as castles in the air all moral knowledge, of his own real achievements are difficult.

Dr. Tang Enbi twentieth century Englishman said: "I want to solve the social problems of the twenty-first century, only the doctrine of Confucius and Mencius and Mahayana Buddhism." Master has participated in international peace conference experience, deep understanding, only the establishment of a harmonious Social demonstration area, in order to make sure people understand that "people are basically good," told the world "can be implemented in harmony." Thus, the Master uphold the "open atmosphere, but not as a teacher," the principles of life, in the home town of Lujiang County, Anhui Tangchi create a "cultural and educational center," training teachers of ethics education, expand the town universal ethics education. Teachers after two months of intensive study, the countryside school, just three or four months, has helped the town forty-eight thousand inhabitants, significantly enhance the ethical standards, moral, righteous manners known. Local leaders and people have realized that "'harmonious society and harmonious world," is not a slogan! "

Devoted his life to preach the divine moral education of Old Master, to "unite the religious, ethnic to world peace on the basis of" the idea of ​​deeply touched all walks of life around the world countless people with lofty ideals. UNESCO view of this, especially in October ΟΟ six years to education and peace as a precondition, invites old Master in France headquarters in Paris, a three-day "two hundred fifty-five Ο activities in celebration of Vesak "multi-play" religion is united, "" the people are able to teach well "," sages traditional culture and education in modern society still deep important practical philosophy ", etc. The celebration, in France there are one hundred ninety-two envoys from around the country, groups representing UNESCO Secretary-General and key officials in France to join the festivities, the global religious people and peace-loving person, it is indeed time far-reaching important activities.

February ΟΟ nine years in support of the Australian Prime Minister, Mr. Kevin Rudd praised the leadership of the Old Master Jingzong College and Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia, jointly organized three days of the city hall, "the world is a religion" as the theme of "Australia, Asia-Pacific region to promote the multi-religious peace and harmony of the Summit." Two hundred eighty-eight representatives from Asia, Australia and all over one hundred forty-eight religion, government, business, medicine, universities, police and media organizations attended. Participants enthusiastically repercussions, such as Sydney bark altar multi-center representatives said: "Multi Faith Assembly summit held you, not only the people of this region Whaley, even humans would have a very significant contribution, because the problem is discussed in full World concern. The meeting had been left off the mark can not in human history, in time, will be able to make a more meaningful contribution. "

In short, the "honest, clean, equality, enlightenment, compassion, see through, down, ease, revel, Buddha" is the principle the same clearance Master conduct themselves in society. "Merciful love," "self-centered, teaching first" is the gist of his preaching Junichi teaching. "Sincerity and humble", "S & P makes beings broken fan enlightenment, Shanyin" the true meaning of its life.


Amitabha Buddhist Association of Queensland